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...taught me a lot about control.

Merry Christmas Kids!
Joe Strummer


Hey Guys and Gals, I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you all get to spend time with the people you love and get amazing gifts. I'm pretty much blessed with my amazing family and all of my kick ass friends (yes you're all included) so there really isn't anything I could as for...some snow would be nice though ;)

Any ways I hope you all have a good Holiday. Much love sent to you and your love ones!

-The Caliment aka Captain Awesome

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality . Wake Up and Live!” -Bob Marley

Musicals are good...
jos-center of the earth

Writer's Block: Hair of the Dog
Rivers =w=
In advance of holiday excesses, let's review cures for the common hangover. Coffee, cheeseburgers, raw eggs, lemons and worcestershire sauce—what works? What doesn't?

Best cure for a hang over?

More Beer! JK, but srsly.

Coffee is a bad idea after a long night of drinking, I can tell you this from experience.

The best thing is to prevent it from happening. Stop drinking once you're pretty buzzed and start drinking water. Eatting fatty foods before partaking in alcohol can help absord it. Certain drinks can cause it to be worst off, so if you know what drinks do it for ya avoid having them or as much. Don't mix! Stick with beer or liquor. And if you decide to go with beer try not to switch off on types, stick with one or similar kinds. And when someone who is already far gone tries to convince your drunk self one more game of beer pong is a good idea, walk away!

Soon as you wake up from that amazing night of "passed out slumber" take something for the headache that is non-asprin or isn't tylenol (don't take these on an empty stomach), make some toast and have some more water or a non-fizzy drink. The headache is cause because your body feels dehydrated, so intaking fluids will help make your body rehydrated.

Writer's Block: Annals of Animal Warfare
MxPx Mike Bass so pretty!
Putting the laws of time and plausiblity aside, picture a battle between the megalodon (a prehistoric shark with a six-foot jaw span) and a giant squid (reported to be the size of a school bus). Who would win?

Long John Silvers

Don't forget...
Rivers =w=
...if you live in the United States to go vote tomorrow. Elections are way too important to ignore.

Again if you live in California please take a high consideration on voting no on Proposition 8. I won't go anymore into it as you should all know by now where I am coming from. I'll just say consider supporting equality and help take one more step towards fighting discrimination.

It may be a long way to go towards all Americans not being discriminated against, but each is a step closer.

Oh Seth MacFalane!
Chicken nugget village by Baheena
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National Coming Out Day--No on Prop. 8
The Queers
Dear whomever comes across this,

I am writing out to you in hopes that you will consider voting No on Proposition 8. Of course that's assuming you live in California. If you don't please keep this all in consideration if and when it’s your state’s turn.

I am a Californian and I am bisexual. I am not confused on who I am attracted to because honestly I'm more interested in the person than their gender. I'm not the kind of person who wears this on their sleeve, but I don't think there is anything wrong with those who do. Normally i don’t broadcast this as it’s only a part of who I am and it’s not what I want to be known for by people. I do however think it is important for you, the reader, to know where it is I am coming from with this.

Myself I don't think marriage is all too important. In all honesty I feel I can be committed to any person without a piece of paper or a party that says "we'll be together forever". BUT! if I do happen to settle down with a woman and this is something that is important to her then I would hope this is something I would be able to do for the one I love. I do see how some people would like to share their love and celebrate it with all of the family and friends. This isn't me saying "Marriage is stupid!" This is me saying "It's not for me, but it is something I would consider out of love." I do think the whole idea of marriage is a humbling thing. To know two people have found someone so special in their lives they want to share that is pretty damn amazing.

With that said, how does this affect you? Well it may not affect you at the moment, but it may affect someone you care about or will be caring about in the future. So yeah if you’re a heterosexual human who believes this isn’t an important thing to vote on because it’s not a part of your lifestyle, you’re wrong. This very well may be a part of your future. Homosexuality will not go away simply because there is a law banning people from the right of marriage or unity. You may come across a friend or a family member somewhere down the line who is LGBTQ and will fall in love. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews that will be LGBTQ. This will be affecting their life. One vote won’t make a difference? Yeah you may be correct, but a lot of those joint together do make a difference.

I honestly don’t know why this is even an issue. If a yes vote is passed it will be placed in the California Consitution that only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid.

Look at it from an Economic stand point. With more marriages happening our economy will be stimulated. More people will be allowed to wed which means there will be people buying things for the occassion. Smaller businesses that are untilized for weddings will benefit as well as the state for giving out more marriage certificates.

Feel free to ask me questions in the comments. Maybe there is something I can help you understand from my side of the fence or maybe I can get some incite on why you feel the way you feel if you were voting Yes. With this I am not telling you how to vote. I am simply voicing the reasons on why I am voting No. If I have learned anything from life it is that love between two people is pretty amazing. I feel a lot of other states will be looking towards this as California is a state of much diversity.

If you’re able to vote and not registered get on that! www.rockthevote.org/ You don’t even have to go out and get a form. Simply print it out and pop it in the mail. And they can mail your ballot right to you so you don’t have to go to the polls come November. The deadline is coming up and even if you miss it this time you’ll be ready for the next vote. It’s very important to vote as it is your voice to the future of our society. You owe it to yourself.

Thank you for reading.
-Michelle Valente

for more information reguarding no on prop 8 visit www.noonprop8.com

Do it....
The Queers

John William Cummings aka Johnny Ramone


(October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004)

For any of you UK kids interested.
Ghoulies are Go!
If any of you want to see some rad as sin Sacramento musicians here's your chance. Kevin Seconds is doing a Tour through a lot of Europe with Kepi Ghoulie. I believe it's all acoustic as well, so that may be something you're interested in.

Aug 23 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ Hobgoblin Brighton, UK
Aug 24 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ Fighting Cocks Kingston, UK
Aug 25 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ Trilliana Newcastle, UK
Aug 26 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ the Tunnels Aberdeen, UK
Aug 27 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ Stereo Glasgow, Scotland
Aug 28 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ the Cavern Exeter, UK
Aug 29 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ the White Rabbit Plymouth, UK
Aug 30 2008 8:00P
Kepi acoustic @ Bar Monsta London, UK

If this is anything you might be interested in you can check out Kepi or Kevin's myspaces for more details on venue and such. Or just to see what they sound like.




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