Having to hold back...

...taught me a lot about control.

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So very tempting
Rivers =w=
20 Belows, The
Adorkables, The
AV Club, The
Backseat Virgins, The
Banner Pilot
Be My Doppelganger
Beatnik Termites, The
Boris The Sprinkler
Challenged, The
Copyrights, The
Cretins, The
Dead Mechanical
Dear Landlord
Deep Sleep
Dillinger 4
Dopamines, The
Festipals, The
Firecrackers, The
Full Of Fancy
Gateway District, The
Guts, The
Hextalls, The
House Boat
Jetty Boys, The
John Walsh
Karmellas Game
Kepi Ghoulie
Kung Fu Monkeys, The
Le Volume Etait Au Maximum
Leftovers, The
Lobolaws, The
Marshmallows, The
Max Levine Ensemble
One Short Fall
Pansy Division
Parasites, The
Proteens, The
Prozacs, The
Psyched To Die
Repellents, The
Resistors, The
Secretions, The
Short Attention
Shuttlecocks, The
Sick Sick Birds
Steinways, The
Teen Idols
Toys That Kill
Underground Railroad to Candyland
Unlovables, The

Well gosh damn.

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I'm still waiting for that last minute headliners. :D

I want to go regardless, though. Damn money!

Yeah there are a lot of bands I want to see on that list.

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